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Hello, my name is Angie Key.  I designed this website to showcase my talent as a Stylist, Fashionista, Designer, & Hairstylist. I will also post the latest fashion trends, current news events, and "ALL THAT'S GLAMALICIIOUS" in general.   I hope you enjoy!!!

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Here @Glamiliciious you will find my latest jewelry creations, styles, what's trending, & various photos of my hairstyles!!! Please visit daily for my blogs, news postings, and fashion tips!!!...



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11/22/2011 20:24
Hello my Glamaliciious Divas AND Divos!!!  Welcome to my site...You will find the latest fashion news, my creations, as well as fashion finds...Every month I will feature an ITEM of the month whether it be a vintage find, FAB shoe, Fabulociious handbag, or Glamariffic clothing piece...Stay...

Website launched

11/22/2011 20:23
My name is Mz. Angela Key & I'm from lil ole Smallzbury aka Salisbury, NC.  I have launched this website to expose the WORLD to my Artistic talent & Glamaliciious sense of style!!!  My main objective is to create a name/buzz for myself through my creations as well as network...

Night OUT on da Town!!!

11/22/2011 15:17